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I recently underwent bilateral femoral lengthening with the new Stryde nail as part of the TaLLer program. My whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive with the entire team making me feel very at ease, always taking time to explain everything and answering any questions I had. The minimal scarring I have is a testament to the excellent surgical skills of Ian. Ian makes safety a priority and carefully monitored me throughout the process. Thanks to this procedure, I finally feel comfortable in myself. I could not recommend Ian highly enough.

From my first meeting with IB-H & his team, through to my operation & my post-operative care, I was reassured by their professionalism & personality; & the level of care & consideration. Everything was explained clearly & calmly, and all was organised conveniently & swiftly. My operation was more complex than they had anticipated but a real success and a tribute to the craft & art of the surgeon. There was minimal bruising & from day one post operation I was functioning better than I have for a good few years: have gone from daily agony to little or no pain. Indeed the operation was such a success that I look forward to the next one when my left shoulder finally gives up! Simon A.

AMAZING! That’s exactly what Dr Bacarese-Hamilton and his fabulous team are. After our daughter aged 18 had suffered many years of back pain due to a discrepancy in her legs of 4.5 cm, which then caused curvature of her spine, we had several appointments with different consultants, all of these consultants suggested performing very unpleasant surgery with a long recovery time and severe scarring. As parents we felt that we were letting her down as we couldn’t find any other option. Luckily we then by chance discovered Dr Bacarese-Hamilton on a forum that was discussing limb lengthening from other patients with similar problems. As soon as we had the initial consultation we felt extremely comfortable and we all knew that Charlie would be in the best possible professional hands. However, our expectations were even exceeded, the care, professionalism, recovery, minimal scarring, walking very quickly with crutches so soon after surgery and without crutches too After only a few weeks.Charlie has this limb lengthening surgery only a few weeks ago and she is amazing us with walking so quickly and with no pain. It’s all absolutely outstanding and we will be forever to grateful to this wonderful, caring and extremely professional surgeon and his team. If you’re considering this surgery with Dr Bacarese-Hamilton you should definitely have it done. Absolutely life changing and we will be forever grateful. Thank you Dr Bacarese-Hamilton, Terry and Jessica you are all wonderful and we will never forget all you’ve done for and we will continue to tell everybody how amazing you all are. Charlie

After various knee operations, on the 1st February I checked into Princess Grace Hospital under Mr. Bacarese-Hamilton, for a full knee replacement. Following the surgery I was undertaking physio therapy the same afternoon with encouraging results. Day 2, I was able to walk around on crutches and Day 3, I had achieved the stairs. Within 2 weeks I was only using one crutch and after 4 weeks only my walking stick. I was extremely surprised at the speed of my recovery and the mobility I achieved in such a short space of time. Now 6 weeks later I am walking unaided. After suffering so much pain before this operation I only wish I had done it sooner. In summary, I attribute the success of my operation to the personal attention and professionalism received from Mr. Bacarese-Hamilton and his team. Ray Dodd 68 years