• In 2017 Ian teamed up with Dr Dror Paley and went to The Paley Institute in West Palm Beach. Dr Paley developed the Precice nail and later the Stryde nail which have revolutionised the techniques for leg lengthening.
  • Unfortunately the Stryde nail and the Precice nail have been removed from practice in the UK. Dr Paley is still able to use the Precice 2.2 nail in West Palm Beach.
  • Whilst Ian was the first to use the Stryde nail for bilateral lengthening in the UK he can no longer use this nail. He is happy to advise patients but for the time being the Stryde nail is not available in the UK.

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Interview with Mr. Ian Bacarese-Hamilton of Schoen Clinic in London, England - Limb Lengthening

Mark DuMoulin, a cancer survivor, and his story about limb lengthening with the PRECICE nail.

Leg Lengthening Procedure